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SSUIA App - Tyler




Name: Tyler Pa(r)k

Nicknames: Ty, Tae (what his girlfriend calls him)

Age: 19

Height: 6’ (~183 cm)

Weight: 160 lbs (~73 kgs)

Ethnicity/Nationality: Korean-American

Orientation: Bi-curious (Currently a devoted boyfriend to his girlfriend! ☆  ...of course, in a group like this, that’ll change)

Occupation: College Student (gotta get his edumacation); Works as a part-time florist


Stage Name: Hades

Vocal Range: Tenor (aka whatever low notes Ashley can manage to hit before her voice crashes)

Genre: Pop (Main) ; Rock (Secondary) ; Jazz (woops Tertiary)


Personality: Tyler’s probably one of the most unconfident guys around. He really doesn’t think highly of himself. At all. He’s constantly worrying about how people feel about him. He’s rather anxious in general, though, being worried over even the smallest details and checking things over and over to make sure he didn’t miss something. With his severe lack of self-confidence, it’s really safe to say that the boy is fragile and would probably easily break down if you said something mean about him to his face. Probably. Tyler is also very much a weak-willed person, and he would easily be pushed around or influenced by others.

Even with his severe lack of self-confidence, though, Tyler’s really quite reliable. If you need something or a favor, he’d do his best to get it done and will see it through to the end. Unless you’re asking him to get a condom or something. That’s a no-no, sorry. He’s a compassionate and loyal friend, always wanting to be there for the people that he cares about. Maybe he’s just negative, but Tyler’s also very humble when it comes to his talents and receiving compliments.

History: Wow, it’s Tyler! Tyler is a goody goody. He tries to be, at least.

    Tyler was born into a pretty average family. A twin, working parents. They lived closer to the west coast of the United States. The west is closer to Asia, after all, and most of their family came from Korea.

    That’s besides the point. Tyler’s life wasn’t particularly special growing up. He got good grades and was pretty average in anything else. The only thing he wasn’t average in was...interacting with others. Even when he was a little kid, he became easily nervous around the others.  His twin, Alex, was the “life of the party”, and Tyler was just...there. He didn't stand out, and he didn't look like someone that people wanted to talk to. The boy had a resting bitch face real early on in his life, and it prevented him from making friends himself. Alex was always the one to bring their friends over and have them talk to their timid brother. Besides them, Tyler would usually be on his own. He liked to spend his time outside - not playing, but rather, gardening. He liked plants. Plants didn't run away or say anything mean about him. They were also really good at listening. He could sing quietly to the plants, but then one of Alex’s old friends made fun of Tyler for it.

    Tyler’s life during middle school and high school weren't too different. He had grown up quite a bit physically, of course. Puberty hit him pretty hard with a train. He went from a soft boy to hot boy. Of course, that never stopped him from acting like a soft boy. He was finally making some friends on his own though. They always approached him first, but at least he had something rather than nothing. It never struck him as weird, but he was also attracting some...weird people. In high school, he's attracted several girls who were only really into him because he’s Korean. He never noticed this, but he also never ended up dating any of them. But, Tyler’s a college student now, and things are a little different as always.

    Tyler moved up to the east coast for college along with his twin who decided to just tag along. They would maybe consider studying to be a doctor, but they're mostly around to party and support their twin brother. During a party he was dragged to by Alex, Tyler met his girlfriend. Unsurprisingly, a Koreaboo. She was quite pretty, but she was also very demanding of him. He was blind to it all because he had met someone who seemed to want to share their life with him. He did as she would say, and he was practically manipulated by her. In fact, he's still being played around by his girlfriend. He dresses in the fashion that she likes best, and he dyed his hair and got more piercings because she liked them. Seeing an advertisement for SSU Idol Agency, she convinces Tyler to give it a try because he “would be really good at it”. Now, Tyler’s here. To be tormented by Aki and to panic and say that he has a girlfriend.

Likes: Flowers (and plants in general), Being able to get enough sleep, Happy endings in stories (soft boy), Memes (he injects the memes into his bloodstream), Collecting silly bands (he’s five years old now), Seeing other people laughing and happy (as long as they aren’t, like, making fun of him or someone else, I guess), Romantic films/stories that are so cliche that they’re cringey (Gross Romantic), His Girlfriend

Dislikes: Being cramped together with a bunch of people, Clowns+Mascots (childhood fear; still thinks they’re a little creepy), Being called the mom friend (but he probably is), The dark, Explaining things (he could try to teach you math, but he can’t explain for the life of him), Partying, Strangers who are touchy like plz, His Girlfriend

Fears: He seems like he’s afraid of just about everything, but if there was one thing he feared “most”, it’d probably be the “unknown”. He’s not very confident, so he’s always worried about how people feel about him and what would happen to him. He sleeps with a nightlight on - after all, can’t see in the dark.


  • Handedness/Blood Type: Right-handed / O+

  • Favorite Food/Least Favorite Food: French Fries (even if they’re soggy)/Licorice

  • Voice Reference: (Trying to do Tyler’s voice will be the death of me. I’m a squeaky gril. I can’t get his low masculine voice. I should just stick to singing in a manly way not talking.)… (this is a failure) |… (this is the only other thing i have so far because my mother doesn’t let me sing) |… (this is what i aim to be unu)

  • Theme Song: “Karakuri Pierrot” (Ashe’s Cover)…

  • “I, I have a girlfriend.” That’s it. That’s his character.

  • His twin was “born female” (They have a Vagina), but they identify as nonbinary. Their parents are supportive and sometimes joke, “Alex, if you are to be anything, you are to be a doctor.”

  • He's got a resting bitch face. It's hard to tell though when he's always looking panicked.

  • His girlfriend exists for character development. UwU

  • Does he even enjoy singing and dancing? Yeah. Surprisingly. Even though his girlfriend forced him into learning dances in KPOP music videos, he had fun with them. He tried to do ballet as a kid. He broke his ankle once because of it.

  • He can play the piano because he’s Asian (//says the Asian who can’t play piano). His piano skills are pretty rusty, though. He spends more time with his plants than his keyboard, after all.

  • He probably cries during weddings in anime or in shows in general.

  • He probably cries a lot in general.

  • The type of drunk he is is probably white girl drunk.

  • Tyler’s Inner Thoughts:…

  • I hope whoever’s stuck with him doesn’t have a pollen allergy.

  • “Shoot, I was gonna work on Tyler.” - Me during the five gazillion days I spent working on this boy.


Format: Lit or script is fine with me~

Platform: Discord, I guess. I died on Skype, but I could still do dA notes. Probably. Ye.

Timezone: PDT, UTC/GMT -8 (aka I’m a gross American in Sin City)
TH - video games are gay
And so are Adrian and Ren. Gay and illegal. 

But y'know what.
Ren has sat in Adrian's lap while Adrian was gaming too many times without being drawn. I had to make it happen. I had to. Who would draw this illegal if not me? elvyembee? I dunno. She kinda dead. Stop dying, boo.

Ren - my son.
Adrian - :iconelvyembee:'s son.

[Flat Color Full Body (x2) = 50 Gears?]
TH - it's egg day
Happy Egg Day Easter!

In contrast to bunny Adrian (//eyes elvyembee), we have chick Ren. Peep peep.

I don't think Ren gets all the eggs and stuff, but there's candy, so he won't complain. He likes candy. Trick or Treat.

Ren is Adrian's my chick. He go peep peep in the library. Feed him Peeps.

[Flat Color Chibi + Flat Color Background? = 30 Gears?]

In other words. Um.
Happy Birthday. ...y, you gay. I, it's not like I wanted to make you a birthday present or anything! B, baka!!!
Also, I dunno if I uploaded this at about 12:00 AM your time, but I'm just gonna hope I did lmao.

You should work on the Jazzman though. I didn't know how to draw him, and I wasn't going to leave this without color. So all you get is Aki drinking with a plush. Also because it's Aki, I had to give him an appropriately named drink... "Screaming Orgasm".'s got whipped cream and a cherry though, so that's always good.

Also my cursive sucks woops-
But um.
Aki tryna be jazzy for you. I guess. Ye.
Happy birfday.
TH - give me wadanohara au or give me death
Honestly, just give me death lmao kill me.

This, um.
I don't remember why I wanted to make this to begin with. Probably because I'm a nerd and I'm trying to do as much as I can before I start working on the homework I should've done. And this is as much as I could do because even though I want to draw a lot, I'm not very productive haha--- I hate being ambitious and lazy.

This could've been colored, but I don't want to die more than I already am.

But anyways, um.
I stole some characters lmao. I hope y'all don't mind that I drew them. I just really wanted this? I'm happy having this.

There's so many characters in "Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea" though, like I think doing that exact AU in Time Hunt would be impossible.
But I can at least still dress up TH characters as the WatGBS characters.

Wadanohara - Ren (my wannabe delinquent son)
Samekichi - Adrian (:iconelvyembee:'s gaming sin)
Fukami - Diego (:icongexten:'s edgy sin)
Memoca - Mimi (:iconmilkhome:'s kleptomaniac daughter)
Dolphi - Rachel (:iconashallynprior:'s music-eating daughter)
Doloz - Kekkon (:iconhappyia:'s golden trash)
Cherryblod - Loralei (:iconpokilink:'s cherry son)

[Line Art Chibi (x5) + Line Art Headshot? (what is kekkon) + Line Art Bust Shot = 100]


No journal entries yet.


United States
Tbh strangers make me nervous so sorry if I don't talk much. ;;
I don't know what I'm doing like 95% of the time.


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